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New services, apps, and devices are released every week. How do you decide which ones are worth purchasing? A good place to start is to identify tools that actually make your everyday life easier. When you’re more organized and productive, everything else falls into place. Let’s look at some of the top technology tools that will maximize your focus and productivity.


To-do list apps are the digital equivalent of jotting down such lists in a notebook or on post-its. It’s quite useful to have your schedule organized in an app. Simply creating such a list helps you organize your thoughts and plan the day. Todoist is one of the simplest apps of this type. You can create single or recurring tasks, such as a weekly meeting. Todoist is equally useful for organizing your personal and professional life. The free version is fine for creating lists. The Premium version, which is only $3/month, gives you added functions such as templates, automatic backups, and email or phone reminders.

Organizing meetings can be a complicated and time-consuming process. You need to contact everyone on your invitation list and find a time that’s mutually convenient. If you’re conducting virtual meetings with people scattered in different locations, it’s even more challenging. makes it simple to create virtual meetings. Unlike many such tools, you don’t have to worry about everyone using the same operating system or software. Anyone can access the meeting from their web browser. With, you can easily set up meetings far in advance or spontaneously by sending out invites with the push of a button.

Dragon Anywhere

There are various tools that let you turn dictation into text. None, however, can match the suite of Dragon products. Many people find that it’s much easier and faster to speak than to write. You can use this tool for blog posts, emails, articles, or creative writing (e.g. short stories, novels). There are various Dragon apps, including software specialized versions for fields such as education, law enforcement, and legal. However, one of the most useful versions is Dragon Anywhere, the mobile phone app, available for both Android and iOS. You can simply dictate anywhere right into your smartphone.


Evernote is famous for being a note-taking app but it’s actually quite a bit more than this. Evernote lets you sync files across platforms and devices. It ensures you never lose anything and makes it easy to share files with team members or clients. Evernote has a free as well as Premium and Business versions. The free version is good for simple note-taking. The paid plans give you more options such as clipping, saving, and sharing images, receipts, PDF files, and other items. The Business version even provides AI-powered suggestions based on the notes you’ve already taken.


IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. It’s an extremely versatile app that lets you automate many tasks from your phone. IFTTT is probably the simplest and most user-friendly tool made for the IoT (Internet of Things) age. Best of all, you can perform fairly complicated tasks without having to do any coding. You simply create what are called Applets, programs that help you perform all kinds of functions. This includes controlling smart home systems (e.g. lighting, heat, alarm), setting up reminders with Google Assistant, syncing Alexa with other devices, and countless other tasks. New Applets are constantly created for IFTTT so there’s no limit to what you can do with this app.


Audible, Amazon’s audiobook service has a vast library of recorded books and other materials that you can listen to anywhere. While there are many other audiobook services, none compare with Audible in the sheer volume of offerings. While you can use Audible for entertainment and consume your favorite mysteries, thrillers and other novels, it can also help you stay informed and educated. You can download numerous books in fields such as self-development, business, history, fitness, and other topics that help with personal growth. With the phone app, you can listen while commuting, exercising, or waiting on line.

These are some tools that can help you get more organized, focused, and productive in all areas of your life. Each of these apps is highly customizable to your needs. Automating simple tasks such as creating lists, organizing meetings, and taking notes help you save time and get more accomplished. provides customized insurance solutions for businesses. To learn more about our services and policies, contact us.