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Short-Term Disability

Disabilities are not easy to cope with. Unforeseen incidents or injuries can leave you unable to work and without a monthly income.

As a business owner and employer you try your best to keep a safe working environment and to protect your employees. With a little planning you can protect your business, your employees and yourself from any adversity.


What is Short Term Disability?

Short Term Disability insurance is used when an employee falls ill or is injured and cannot perform the duties of their job. The insurance pays a percentage of the employee’s salary for a specified amount of time. Business and individuals can buy short term disability.

In New Jersey, New York, California and Rhode Island, it is mandatory for employers to have short term disability insurance. These states have a disability program built into salary deductions and employer contributions. You can supplement employees that work in other states and provide increased compensation to those in mandated states with a company owned Short Term Disability policy. It is a very inexpensive coverage to offer to enhance your employee benefit program.

How does it work?

Coverage usually starts anywhere from 1 to 14 days after your employee suffers a condition that leaves them unable to work. The benefits last for approximately 26 weeks (each policy and State have different timelines and salary requirements to be eligible for benefits). You must apply for benefits and provide documentation from a doctor.

By packaging the Short Term Disability with other ancillary products from the same insurance carrier, multi-line discounts make this a very reasonable offering. If you would like to add STD and LTD to your benefits package contact one of our health insurance professionals right now.