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In this current technology world, technology companies must protect themselves with professional liability insurance. Also known as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability insurance is suitable for any IT company that provides guidance, suggests solutions, creates designs, or advocates for clients. All professionals like consultants, IT staffing agencies, physicians, dentists, physiotherapists, architects, contractors, and others must possess professional liability insurance.

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InsureYourCompany can help you select the right type of coverage to protect your small business at a cost to meet your budget. Although formalizing a contract with your clients can help limit your liability, professional liability insurance protects you against loss from a claim of alleged negligent acts or “errors and omissions” in the performance of your professional services. We will quote you coverage for:

– Legal defense costs required to prove your case

– All employees including W-2 employees and 1099 subcontractors

– Optional coverage for allegations of copyright infringement and intellectual property infringement

– Personal Injury against claims of libel, slander and invasion of privacy

– Worldwide coverage if the suit is brought in the United States.

Regardless of what kind of business you own, customers can claim that something you did on their behalf was done incorrectly, and that this error cost them money or caused them harm in some way.  Don’t settle for cheap professional liability insurance, let us get you the policy you need at the best rate.

InsureYourCompany offers all types of NJ business insurance through a variety of insurance carriers. Protect the other important assets in your company with workers compensation insurancegroup health insurancegeneral liability insuranceemployee benefitsumbrella insurance401k retirement plans, and more.  We also specialize in technology insurance for IT professionals.


Errors and omissions insurance, also called Professional Liability Insurance, is important for IT professionals and companies giving advice, solutions, designs, or advocacy to clients. In the currentmodern world that is heavily reliant on technology, businesses depend on IT services and Professional Liability Insurance safeguards against potential risks from alleged negligence or errors in professional service delivery. It protects professionals from financial damages caused by negligence accusations, securing the stability of their small businesses and reputations.

Professional Liability Insurance offers protection for legal fees, such as claims of carelessness or mistakes in providing professional services. It includes all workers, such as W-2 employees and 1099 subcontractors, and might provide additional protection for copyright infringement, intellectual property infringement, and personal injury claims like libel, slander, and invasion of privacy. Professional Liability Insurance helps small businesses and professionals by reducing financial risks from legal claims and accusations of professional negligence, providing peace of mind and protection from potential liabilities.

InsureYourCompany is the reliable source for Professional Liability Insurance, providing customized coverage options to safeguard your small business at an affordable price. Our extensive coverage includes expenses for legal defense, protection for every employee, optional coverage for copyright and intellectual property violations, and global coverage for lawsuits filed in the US. We recognize the distinct dangers encountered by IT professionals and businesses and customize our policies to offer top-notch protection at affordable prices. With InsureYourCompany, you can have confidence that you are receiving the necessary coverage to protect your company’s image.