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Group Health Insurance

The world of group health insurance has changed drastically since the launch of Health Care Reform Laws. Employers today are faced with decisions regarding their company’s health insurance that did not exist in previous years. This changing climate and ever changing rules and regulations has lead to questions like:

  • How will a company navigate the new insurance marketplace?
  • What levels and types of coverage must be in place?
  • Will there be future changes or updates that a company must be aware of?

We at have been following the insurance landscape very diligently over the past few years. Our team of trained professionals are keeping up with this ever changing market and market trends.

From fully insured policies to self insured, we are here to guide our clients through the administrative, legal and government maze, that healthcare has become.

Our team remains up to date on the latest trends and developments within the health insurance world.

Please speak to a member soon; they can assist in developing, implementing and creating the medical program that works both economically and responsibly for you and your employees.

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