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Group Vision Insurance

Visual impairment is one of the 10 most frequent causes of disability in the United States. Add the fact that at least 63% of American adults currently wear glasses or contacts, and the need for vision insurance is clear.

The Value of Vision Insurance

It’s simple, a supplemental expense benefit with no deductibles, no copayments and no networks. The coverage is affordable, provided on a scheduled basis, so you have a benefit offering that meets your cost and objectives. Vision insurance may not be considered an essential employee benefit, but it is a benefit employees will appreciate.

Vision impairment and eye disease cost the United States $68 billion annually in direct healthcare costs, lost productivity and diminished quality of life. Furthermore, there is a significant link between vision and overall health.

Standard Features

  • No deductibles or copayments
  • Flexible participation guidelines that allow enrolling groups with the greater of 25% or 10 enrolled lives
  • No dependent participation requirements
  • Coverage for both employees and dependents
  • Benefit customization in $5 increments
  • Annual enrollment
  • Freedom when choosing a vision provider

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