Business Type : is celebrating its 20 year anniversary in 2021. The company was started in 2001 in East Brunswick, New Jersey, and has come a long way since then; now employing over 24 employees and having it’s home base in Manalapan, NJ. What’s the best way to get to know what an employee’s experience is? Interviewing them! We’ve interviewed a number of IYC’s employees and hope you all take away something from everyone’s thoughts on the past 20 years.

So, what does working for a 20-year company mean? Jaime Chaifetz reports.

 J: Emily, what does the 20th anniversary of mean to you?

Emily: Working for a 20-year company means being able to see where we started/where I started, and how far we have yet to go. I love a challenge and helping to build something is part of that.

J: And what are some things you’ve learned over the years?

Emily: You can’t do it all by yourself. The only constant here is change. There is actually very little worth getting upset/angry about. You still have to solve the problem anyway, don’t waste your energy. Almost anything is fixable.

Jerel Levenson has been with the company since day one, as one of the two founders, and here is his perspective on the trajectory of the company.

Jerel: When Alan and I started the business we did not even know if we would survive one year. We were starting an agency after only a few years in the insurance business. We had very limited knowledge of the market at that time.

For this to be our 20th year is something I honestly am very proud of. The reason has a lot to do with everyone around us all these years. As the years moved on, we hired more and more people. We encouraged education and hard work. We brought into the office an environment that created a place to call home. Our employees are a major reason we are at 20 years and will continue for who knows how many more.

J: And how about making mistakes? How did you overcome those hurdles?

Jerel: We made a ton of mistakes. We went on numerous appointments and were lucky if we could close 1 out of 10. But we kept doing the same thing, learning from the mistakes, studying the product, and closing more and more cases.

Alan Levenson, the other Founder of the organization has a very specific 100-year plan that he aims at bringing to fruition.

Alan: What is the legacy I hope to leave for the future? A place where dreams can be fulfilled. And the most important lesson that I’ve learned during my time at IYC? Patience.

Wise words, indeed.

And then comes the fun. Favorite memories? Let’s hear from some of the staff’s thoughts:

Dan Levenson: My favorite memories are the ones created with my fellow co-workers. Our sense of community drives us to excellence and allows us to have fun along the way. And the annual holiday party- who doesn’t love a PARTY!

Babette Mallow keeps it simple with her reply: Stories – Parties – Good clients

Some other fun memories were recalled by Rochelle Levine:

Rochelle: I started at in 2008. The holiday party that year was in New York City and we had so much fun!!

Emily takes it all home with her sentiment:

Emily: It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite memory. Our holiday parties are always fantastic, the days we would have potlucks or themed lunches, birthday celebrations, etc. But mostly the best moments for me were when we were all together. Something funny would happen or someone would start a conversation and we’d all have a chance to talk and interact. It was always those moments that helped the week go by faster and made things more fun.

So let’s tie it all together. We have learning, patience, memories, legacy, challenges, clients, and of course- doing the work. But here’s what Dan thinks about what working for a 20-year company means to the employees at

Dan: Working for a 20-year company means to my determination. Being able to provide a reliable service and employ people for 20 years takes determination from the business owners to keep building and keep growing.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you have taken away something from this deep dive into the thoughts of employees at a 20-year company. Here’s to’s next 80 years.