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The push toward energy independence is what will save this country.  The billions of dollars that leave these shores each day due to the unreasonable price of gasoline has to end.  Oil is a resource that is exhaustible.  Electricity is not a resource , it is a commodity.  It is a product that can manufactured by coal or water or wind or wave or by solar.  Each American with a roof or patch of land can manufacture their own electricity.  I am not suggesting that we all become electricity farmers,  but the fact that these foreign powers are sucking the life out of the United States needs to be addressed and the electric automobile can be the beginning of the end.

We will need plants to convert or manufacture these cars; new technology to improve the motors and batteries; new employees to build and service these cars and the proper training for them to do so.  This produces jobs in this country.  That, coupled with how much American drives would save in gasoline, will boost a slumping, sagging economy and nation that is falling behind.