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Some hurricanes still come as a surprise even with the vast assortment of weather-predicting technology in the world. Therefore, you must think ahead and consider the possibility that a massive storm may hit your commercial property one day. If you implement smart strategies to protect your business, you can stay open to serve your community even if the worst happens. These tips will help you prepare your building for a hurricane:

1. Purchase Hurricane Insurance

Your first step toward protecting your assets in a hurricane is to obtain hurricane insurance. Regular commercial policies do not cover hurricane destruction. You need a specific plan that will shield you by covering things like:

  • Roof damage
  • Flood damage
  • Foundation destruction
  • Personal property loss
  • Debris removal
  • Alternative housing costs

Each policy differs, so you need to speak with an agent about your needs and what the company offers. Your first line of defense is securing a policy so that a vicious storm doesn’t catch you by surprise.

2. Stock Essentials

You more than likely have an area within your building where you can stock essential items for a hurricane. The storm may leave you and your employees stranded inside the building and without food, clothing, and toiletries for an extended period. The wise thing to do would be to invest in such items now and store them in a secure area for a time when your staff will need them. Examples of some items you will need are:

  • Long-lasting dry foods
  • Water
  • Batteries and light sources
  • Blankets
  • First aid kits
  • Communication devices
  • Toiletries

You can order survival kits now that have food in them that won’t expire for decades. If you invest now, you can feel confident you and your workers will have the coverage they need later.

3. Create an Emergency Plan

Many businesses and homeowners get stuck in a hurricane because they do not take the time to develop an emergency plan. You must take the time to talk to your employees and management staff and discuss emergency procedures. You should at least hold one meeting in which you discuss such storms and what you will do if one ever hits your workplace. You should designate team leaders, evacuation plans, and inner-building survival techniques to put in place if you all get stuck inside. Half of the battle in a hurricane is that you know what to do when one hits.

4. Implement Data Backup

Massive storms like hurricanes can wipe out all of your existing data if you don’t think ahead. A colossal data loss can set your business back ages. It’s time to shop around and find a reliable backup option for all of your data. That way, the integrity of your company will remain even if a monstrous storm shocks you.

5. Choose Power Alternatives

While you’re shopping for data backup services, you should also look for portable generators and other power sources you can activate if a hurricane strikes. You’ll save a heap of time later if you find a solution now. You’ll also reduce stress levels during the disturbance.


Let Us Help You With Step One

We can’t take care of all the essentials for you, but we can help you find an insurance policy that meets your needs. Contact us and converse with one of our dedicated agents who can help you navigate through the hurricane insurance options to find the most viable solution. We want you to be 100% ready for anything that comes your way so that your business can thrive.

Contact us and allow us to support you in your efforts to stay a strong force in your community.