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Last week launched as a portal for U.S. citizens to explore the American health insurance market in an easily navigated and concise website. The website includes ways to find insurance coverage options, learn about preventive care, compare quality care, and ways to understand the new insurance laws.

First of all, finding insurance coverage options is a very easy process of selecting options that apply to your unique situation. Whether you are a small employer, an individual with an illness, unable to get health insurance, or a young adult under 26, the website directs to state specific resources for finding coverage.

For example, for a small IT consulting firm in New Jersey, I was informed that New Jersey is a guaranteed issue state for health insurance. An insurance carrier cannot turn a small business down for coverage if it meets the qualifications of small employer. I was then directed to Department of Banking And Insurance where I could read their online New Jersey small employer’s buyers guide to health insurance.

The preventive care section of the website partners with where you can enter your age and gender and recommended tests, immunizations, and other health tips tailored to your information is presented. This is a great feature to include in the website and I found it very helpful.

Next, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ hospital compare tool allows users to search hospitals by zip code and offers the ability to compare hospitals in your area by patient care surveys, care outcomes, medical imaging statistics, their Medicare coverage, and volume. This tool is an excellent addition to and provides an easy way to compare hospitals.

Lastly, the website includes information about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in an easy to understand format. A timeline for establishment of reform changes is included to easily reference when certain provisions of the bill will go into effect.