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I receive tons of spam email, and I’m sure you do too. You may even get email from friends who think they are being helpful and informing you about the current health insurance reform that is taking place.

Unfortunately, one email circulating lately is blatantly not true. The email that is going around claims that your employer’s contributions to your health insurance will be considered income and will become taxable to you. A health insurance premiums tax is not coming to the US. The Huffington Post debunks this email in a recent blog posting on their website.

The IRS will require employers to list their contribution amounts on your W-2 starting in 2012, but current law excludes health insurance premiums from taxable income. The reason for the new reporting, is due to the new individual mandates, requiring individuals to have health insurance coverage. There are also employer mandates to offer coverage and fines to individuals who have “Cadillac plans.” These are all reasons why your employer’s contributions will appear on your w-2.

Rest assured, there will be no taxes on the money your employer contributes to your health insurance premiums.