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Being healthy at work not only increases employees’ moods and reduces health risks, it also has been shown to make employees more productive.

At, one of our goals is staying healthy and active. We enjoy “getting out of the box” and taking a break from our offices and cubicles to participate in daily exercise time. We participate in fit activities during our lunch breaks and other designated times, allowing our employees to partake in cardio, weightlifting, or stretching activities.

We would like to share some of the ways we are keeping our employees active, healthy, happy, and productive.

Get Out Of The Box: Office Planking

Healthy Employee Initiatives For Your Business

Here at, we have daily exercise routines that inspire and keep us active. One of these daily rituals includes planking every day at 11am and 2:30pm. This time provides a wonderful break from computers and phones to increase the heart rate and feel the burn.

Little activities like that remind us that our health is so important, and taking time away from the grind can not only keep us healthy but also makes work more productive. Planking is a great office exercise.

You don’t need much room to plank. It is also great for the whole body, engaging the core, arms, back, and legs. It makes you get out of your chair and on the ground, which you wouldn’t normally do, adding a great break and perspective to the office.

Power “Lunch” Hour

Healthy Employee Initiatives For Your Business

Some employees utilize their time wisely with exercise during their lunch break. For example, we have employees who walk across the street to the local gym to get a cardio workout or get in some weight training. All of these small factors add up when it comes time to racing or competing in different sports. For example, many of our employees participate in sporting events after work including softball, running, martial arts (jiu jitsu), biking, cross fit, and volleyball.

Bike To Work

Healthy Employee Initiatives For Your Business

Along with the activities staff members are doing outside of work, some are exercising as a means of transportation. Some co-workers live within a 5- to 10-mile radius of our office and are able to bike to work. Aside from being “green” and helping the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, it’s also a great full body workout!

5Ks And Other Races

Healthy Employee Initiatives For Your Business

Starting a company team for a local charity race is a great way to build up office morale and health. These races are fun and for a good cause. Creating a team holds everyone accountable and creates a fun and energetic atmosphere.

This year, our company participated in the STOMP The Monster Marlboro 5K.  As their website says, STOMP The Monster™ provides financial and other support to cancer patients, their families, and caregivers when they need it most—during their fight with the disease. They promote a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise, leading by example, and provide funding for potential advances in prevention and treatment.

Having an event to train for gives people more motivation to get out there and maintain an active lifestyle, especially knowing that it’s for a good cause.

Other Company Initiatives

Healthy Employee Initiatives For Your Business

Many companies take healthy initiatives to the next level with calorie trackers, pedometers, and doctors’ visits to keep track and motivate employees to take control of their health. There are various incentives, one being receiving money back for good results. cares about the well-being of its employees and wants them to remain happy and healthy while working to insure businesses and provide healthcare options for companies across the nation. As seen with the plethora of examples above, IYC takes health seriously. With new ways of incorporating activities happening each year, who knows what the future will hold for IYC—but we know it will be a healthy one!