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It’s been a while, but do you remember bumping into colleagues in the office hallway, chatting about weekend plans or an ongoing big project? The COVID-19 pandemic has altered every aspect of our work and life. It has caused a rapid shift to full-time remote work for many workers. Many companies are adopting working from home as a new addition to their job offerings. This has resulted in both employers and employees seeking alternative work arrangements. The trend of companies going remote is here to stay, and it’s drastically changing the way employees interact with the rest of the team and their managers.

Maintaining a smooth run of daily operations is the number one priority for most companies. During this time, work teams need to know their work expectations, coordinate work, and even balance work-life. So, how are coworkers communicating and creating ideas?

Check-ins Through Video Calls

Companies are setting up regular check-ins at predictable weekly times to connect with remote coworkers. It gives employees a space to raise concerns and questions that they may have with each other and with management. Check-ins are done in a group setting, presenting an opportunity for employees to connect and catch up with one another to build mutual knowledge.

When there are projects that require more collaboration, video calls are used instead of emails. The opportunity for immediate clarification and sharing screens provides team members with the visual cues needed to reduce any misunderstandings.

Monthly Company Newsletters

While some people are auditory learners, a monthly all-hands helps them digest information about the company direction; others learn better and remember more information by reading or visually seeing progress. A monthly company newsletter helps repeat and reinforce the company direction, key priorities, and progress that the company is collectively making towards those goals.

Newsletters help keep the company direction top of mind with employees as they work through their day-to-day activities. Company newsletters are also an excellent opportunity to repeat and highlight the company’s core values.

Internal Messaging Tools

The many short conversations you’re used to having in-person still need to happen, but in a new medium. Messaging system gives employees a way to communicate quickly and efficiently while not putting additional strain on their inboxes. Supplementing your existing communication channels with group chats and instant messages, you enable your team to stay on the same page even when they’re not in the same ZIP code. Staff members are even able to come up and share new ideas.

CRM Software

Managing customer communication and details through spreadsheets and email can be chaotic, leading to time wastage, inadequacies, and errors. CRM software improves communication when coworkers need to team up to close deals. CRM software is designed according to company size and preferences.

Project Management Software With Time Management Tools

Project Management Software allows handling complex projects with complex timelines. Keeps track of deadlines, allocates tasks, gets regular updates on task completion, and keeps clients informed on project progress. The software helps work-from-home employees manage their time correctly, take adequate breaks, and allows team managers to know the hours of work each employee puts in daily. The software helps recognize workers who are having difficulties with their tasks and even automate timesheet invoicing.

Structuring Time to ‘Show Up ‘

Workplaces offer some structure around the workday, even under the most autonomous arrangements. Employees arrive at a similar location with their colleagues and direct reports, attend meetings and events, take breaks for lunch and network, return to their desks for tasks and projects, and depart the shared location to travel home. However, this varies widely across industries and companies.

These communication methods help colleagues feel connected and maintain a level of productivity without the ‘real-life’ social environment of a workplace. Establishing a good communication norm creates an effective, remote working team. Contact our team at to get an insurance quote to make sure your business’s most important assets are protected.