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Everyone wants to achieve some form of success. But you cannot actually achieve true success until you have experienced the lessons from failure.

Most people are afraid to take chances because it could cause them to have a temporary setback or delay in their career and climb of the corporate ladder. Most people are afraid to fail and take chances. However, you cannot try new things/new ways of doing something if you don’t take a chance or are willing to fail. You cannot innovate if you are not willing to fail. Everything we use today, had multiple attempts and failures before the finished, successful product got into our hands. Failing will redirect your energy in order to let you think differently.

Failure takes you out of your daily routine and comfort zone. When you are outside of your comfort zone, you are able to truly innovate because you are no longer repeating the same action over and over or thinking in the same manner. Once you have failed, if you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and have the confidence to try again, you will notice your mind start to expand. Then before you know it you will be innovating and contributing to change and true success.

Failure is NOT a negative connotation, it is a necessity in order to better yourself, better your career and increase your experience. The most successful people in the world have failed. For example, Walt Disney filed bankruptcy and J.K. Rowling was rejected repeatedly from publishing companies for years before someone signed her for Harry Potter. You have to look at failure actually as the success that is yet to be achieved.