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Intolerance has a long history of tearing down governments, causing war and increasing mob mentality. It is key in every aspect of your life that you learn how to have tolerance for others. As we are growing up, we are taught to believe what our family believes. So the first step in ensuring you are having tolerance is to take a look at yourself and the areas in your life that you may not have tolerance for others. Understand why a certain prejudice may exist to you and then rebuild your attitude around how YOU would want to be treated by others.

At work, you have to work with several different personality types, learning ways to tolerate each different type that you normally may not gravitate towards (outside of work). You have to learn how to control yourself, your environment and set standards in order to ensure you are successful. Being able to never assume, open your mind and willingness to listen to everyone will assist greatly in your journey to true, real, hard-earned success.