Business Type :’s Small Business Spotlight aims at finding businesses in our community that are breaking down boundaries, helping their clients in unique ways and making a positive impact in the world. We think Lunch Break’s mission to freely provide food, clothing, life skills and fellowship to those in need in Monmouth County and beyond exemplifies those traits.

In 1983, Norma Todd and the founding members of Lunch Break had a vision of a caring community, one in which its members are looked after, fed, and nurtured. Lunch Break has since grown and expanded its offerings since then from hot meals to providing clothing, toy drives, mentorship opportunities, life skills and so many other areas of service. went into Lunch Break and interviewed various people who are affiliated with the organization, including volunteers, staff, board members and clients. It was wonderful getting to know more about this organization and how they serve the community and help so many people during their time of need.

Consider donating or volunteering at Lunch Break- to donate visit: and to volunteer visit: Consider sharing this video with friends and family. As Gwendolyn Love, Executive Director stated: “Everyone can do their part, it doesn’t take a lot. And it’s a feel-good thing. So, I invite anyone and everyone to do their part. If everyone takes the time to lift one person up then I think very seriously that the need that we see, the brokenness that we see, we can heal a lot of people. So, everyone, do something.”