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It’s no secret that small businesses are passionate about their clients and performing to the highest ability. believes that these small businesses deserve recognition. This is why we have created our Small Business Spotlight.

Our Small Business Spotlight is where we highlight up-and-coming businesses in New Jersey. We get to sit down with the owners and discuss the things they have been learning since they started out, their highs and lows, the advice they would give to others wanting to start a business, and what has helped make them successful. We also really want to highlight organizations that aren’t just successful but are also doing amazing things for their community.

Our Small Business Spotlight is special as it gives the chance to help other organizations succeed while promoting them to new potential clientele. Each owner has an incredibly unique and compelling story to share as illustrated in our previous Business Spotlight interviews. We have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with organizations across New Jersey, such as a non-profit soap company, a self-started bakery, to a flourishing law firm. Each of those interviews has had beneficial stories and lessons to share with other potential business owners, who may have been too afraid to start or doubting their ability. The stories of each of these organizations are inspiring and teach others how they can go from an idea to a reality.

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