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Evidence shows that many employees consider health insurance to be one of the most essential benefits in the workforce. Nevertheless, they don’t always think about the benefits in those policies until they are forced to choose a plan.

With health insurance getting more focus lately, it’s worth finding out which benefits your employees find the most important. Other statistics say employees want voluntary benefits and services in their plans. Plus, workers expect these benefit types to continue into the coming decade.

It’s worth noting that health insurance benefits continue to evolve since many businesses agree to offer high-deductible policies. Since any kind of accident could occur in a company, medical coverage may become more comprehensive.

The important thing is to communicate with your employees about the benefits your insurance policy provides. When you do, your employees feel more secure in staying with your company.

Let’s take a look at what benefits your employees find the most important, and how they relate to possible issues in your company.

Insurance for Accidents

One of the most increasingly common benefits employees find important is accident insurance. No matter what industry you’re in, accidents can easily happen anywhere. With statistics showing accidents occur every six seconds at work, your employees count on this type of insurance for their own well-being.

In the near future, many of those accident benefits may increase to more comprehensive areas. Employees may expect coverage on things like critical illnesses or even identity theft. The latter is unfortunately prevalent in too many workplaces, sometimes from online thieves. That could especially be the case if employees work in the field with mobile devices.

Dental Insurance

We sometimes forget that lack of good dental hygiene can create a domino effect on people’s health. Illnesses like diabetes and heart disease can occur as the result of dental problems. Overall, this only increases health costs for you.

Providing a good dental plan gives incentive for your employees to have regular checkups and cleanings. Since dental plans are usually separate policies, make sure to get all your employees up to speed on the benefits they have.

Disability Insurance

You’ll find numerous stats showing that a typical male worker has a 21% chance of being disabled for three months or longer during their career. When you see statistics like this, you can see why employees consider disability insurance more important than ever.

If many of your employees do extensive physical work, having coverage for disability is a must. Even the slightest physical task could make an employee’s back give out, or cause a fall that brings possible paralysis.

Vision Insurance

Keeping an employee’s vision healthy is equally important as good dental health. Having bad vision only causes more accidents on the job, and not treating eye diseases could cause other problems.

Considering the cost of glasses nowadays, an employee obviously wants coverage to get prescription eyewear if needed. It’s especially important for employees who do exacting work in their jobs. If an accident occurred because you refused vision coverage, any damage could fall on you in responsibility.

Life Insurance

Employees may get life insurance on their own for their families, though they also depend on employers for the same. Offering life insurance in the workplace goes back many years, so don’t overlook it.

The cost of death due to a work accident places a major burden on the employee’s family and your company if litigation occurs. Quality life insurance creates a solid security foundation.

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