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Last week, I was at my Edison, NJ dentist for my routine cleaning.  Dr. Nandra at Serenity Dental Care.  I highly recommend her!  No cavities this time around so I am a pretty happy guy.  As I was sitting in the dentist chair sucking on the air tube, I thought it would be fitting to talk about dental insurance for my next blog post and business insurance video.  So here it goes…

Dental insurance can be split into three types of services:

  • Preventative services (bi-annual cleanings and x-rays)
  • Basic services (root canals, extractions, fillings, etc.)
  • Major services (crowns, dentures, retainers).

These types of services can vary depending on the plan you have.  Usually your insurance company will pay for 100% for preventive care.  But basic and major services coverage can range from 100% to as low as 50% of the total price depending on how your plan is designed.

Make sure your dentist is in your network BEFORE you go see them.  A lot of dental plans are PPO plans.  If the dentist is not in your network, it will cost you more.