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I have been selling employee benefits to employers across the US for over 12 years. It still amazes me that many of my clients and most employers think of the benefits as an EXPENSE for their company. Developing a benefits package to offer to your employees actually can enhance the quality of your labor force. If you use the benefits properly it can be an amazing recruiting and retention tool. I have shown employers how to offer a package that includes health insurance, dental, vision, long term and short term disability and life insurance. Incorporating all of these coverages and picking up the ENTIRE cost can not only save you thousands of dollars on what you currently have but going will enable you to be compliant to any current or future government regulation. An employer also has to make the employee more aware of the cost of the benefit. An annual statement of these costs in addition to the W-2 that is sent annually really provides the employee with an insight to how important they are to the employer. Taking the time each year to survey the employees with regards to the benefit programs makes all parties aware of what is truly important to both. I usually suggest that the survey be done mid contract year, this way the employer is aware of issues to be concerned about for the next renewal. You will be amazed at how beneficial bringing the employees in on the process truly is.