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Like most businesses in the U.S., we are working from home.  Since it has been a few weeks, we’ve been asking our team: what’s it like for us to work from home?  Is it better or worse? Here is what our amazing team at and had to say about the work from home experience. 

The first thing that we generally agreed upon was the commute.  Since no one had to get in the car and drive anywhere, there was no more worrying about getting the pets taken care of and the family ready before we run out the door, no more commuter traffic, and of course no more spending money on filling up the gas tank. The most positive thing about having no commute is the ownership we can take with our work.  If something isn’t finished by the end of the day, we can come back to it once we have recharged instead of grinding at our desks and then having to deal with a drive home.

The second thing we have found is that most of us enjoy the comfort of a home workspace.  Finding the peace and quiet we can’t find in a busy office is just the thing some of us need to laser focus our minds and become super productive. With less interruption, we can hone our workflows and make better time management decisions. The pure comfort of our home workspace is what we found comforting and left us with a better mindset about the workday. 

Along with the comfort of a home workspace comes the people and animals that live there.  It is here that we have differing opinions. The IYC/IYH team ranges in age from their 20’s to 60’s. So, each person’s living situation is very different. We are either motivated or completely distracted by our pets and loved ones.   For some, the peacefulness of the birds chirping can be equaled by the annoyance of the neighbor’s kid riding his dirt bike continually up and down the street for an hour. 

Equipment and technology are the next biggest issues that can make or break the work from home situation. Not having the same equipment as the office or having a problem with one of the systems is much harder to fix when we’re working remotely. Though it has not affected the quality of service we are able to provide, it does eat up time when there are connection and communication issues or when something just won’t work.  Others find that there is no difference in the way they work and some find improvement working from their home space. It is here that our business and yours can better prepare for the future. With training and systems upgrades you can ensure your business does not stop when unforeseen events occur.

You can not replace the energy and cohesiveness that a team has when they are all together under one roof.  We agree that not having that face to face interaction which we were all so accustomed to has had the biggest impact on us and our jobs.  Not having the instant problem-solving conversation or the chats that give our minds the much-needed break from the work day has affected morale and the pace at which projects are completed.

The most fascinating part of this new way we work is how resilient we have been.  Everyone is giving their all because we are all in this together. Our agents, clients, their employees and all businesses must stay strong and rely on one another.  This pandemic is affecting all of us and it brings us all on the same basic level: human beings doing our best and taking it one day at a time. Let’s continue to be strong for each other by modifying our daily activities according to social distancing rules.  Let’s flatten the curve and get through these uncertain times.  


Some bonus comments about working from home:

There is no dress code!

Some of us feel safer not leaving our homes during this scary time.

The coffee is better at home.

Technology in 2020 makes staying connected to your coworkers easy.

It can be harder to reach clients by phone.

Many businesses have slowed their own operations due to fear surrounding COVID-19 and financial stability. 

Some of us have no motivation to get ready (hair/makeup/etc.) 

It’s easy to snack too much.