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What is The Certificate Portal:

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a document (similar to your car insurance ID card) that shows all of your Insurance coverage including the Insurance Carrier & Agent, the types, limits and effective and expiration dates of coverage, along with an Authorized signature. For business insurance, our custom Certificate of Insurance system is accessible to you 24/7 from our online portal. It allows you to send, create, and request your insurance certificate at any time, giving you the power to do business on your terms.

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Why you need the Certificate Portal:

Often, your clients or vendors will ask for a certificate of insurance to show proof that you have coverage. They might want to see a specific type of coverage in place as well, for example, Technology Errors and Omissions, also known as Professional Liability. Or, General Liability which is commonly referred to as ‘Slip and Fall coverage’. Having both the coverage and the certificate will help ensure your protection give you peace of mind. Often your company will have to reach out to an agent each time you request a COI, and it can take hours or even days to get a response. Our portal is unique because it allows you to send your current certificate of insurance (with renewed policy numbers and dates) immediately from YOUR OWN computer! This will cut down on the time it takes waiting for these documents and lets you or your contractor get paid quicker!

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How the Certificate Portal is useful for you:

The portal lets you have the capability to

1. Send certificates to yourself and to the client/vendor
2. View policy numbers, limits and dates in one convenient place
3. Check off the Additional Insured & Subrogation waiver boxes
4. Some access levels can even include their own verbiage/wording which is required