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On any New Jersey road, on any given day, you will most likely see at least one car or van with a cleaning crew graphic on it. Everyone appreciates a clean home and workspace, and New Jersey cleaning services that fulfill that appreciation are often kept busy.

If you have or are forming a cleaning and janitorial services company, you have a lot of work in front of you.

So what’s first? Ensuring you fully insure your business.

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Insurance to Cover Your Business

Insurance to Cover Your Property

Cleaning services which travel from job to job will also require commercial auto insurance. InsureYourCompany can assist you in obtaining the appropriate insurance coverage for the vehicles your company owns or leases and employees’ vehicles used for commercial purposes.

In addition to the fleet of vehicles, cleaning supplies and appliances are certainly vital to the business. Any loss or damage of those supplies prevents your company from delivering on its promises. Property insurance helps you safeguard your necessary tools from burglary or destruction, in the cases of vehicle robbery or a collision.

Insurance to Cover Your Employees

Physical labor is tough work and can take a toll on the body. Especially for those who are sensitive to certain actions, chemicals, or allergens, health insurance is a perk for employees. If you want to provide your employees health insurance, life insurance, and other benefits, we can help.


General liability insurance is vital for janitorial services as it covers claims of bodily injury or property damage that can occur when employees work in clients’ homes and offices. This coverage safeguards your business from potential lawsuits and financial liabilities arising from accidents.

Professional liability insurance, or errors and omissions insurance, protects cleaning businesses if a client claims the service was inadequate or incomplete. For instance, if a customer contends that an area was not cleaned as agreed, this insurance can cover legal defense costs and any resulting settlements.

Fidelity bonds protect against losses due to employee theft or property damage at client sites. If an employee steals or damages client property, fidelity or surety bonds can cover the financial consequences, shielding your business from significant financial impacts and helping maintain your reputation.