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Health Care Services

The health care service industry is diverse and necessary to society.

Examples of healthcare services are:

The scope of services you provide are remarkable. As one of the most respected and fastest growing industries you deserve the same care that you provide to others. Professional liability insurance secures your career and financial future from a malpractice or negligence lawsuit.

Here are some common coverage’s of healthcare service professional liability insurance:

With a unique set of legal risks it is important to prepare for the unexpected. will assess your needs and find the right insurance carrier for you. Whether you are a home healthcare nurse or a pharmacist you take care of people’s medical conditions, wellbeing and health care needs, let us take care of your important insurance needs.

Professional liability or malpractice insurance will safeguard you from lawsuits and litigation by providing payment for lawyer fees and any settlements or penalties. The average compensation in malpractice claims is $485,000.00. When a jury awards after a verdict in court the average is $799,000.00. (Numbers form a 2006 New England Journal of Medicine study) With cost like these you can’t afford not to have insurance. It can protect you and your assets so you can think about doing the best possible job you can.

Note About Independent Contractors

If you are an independent contractor you may need a separate policy from your employer. Your employers insurance may not have enough coverage to cover you in all cases. The business insurance policy they have is to protect the business first. While there is coverage for you at work, advice or care given to a friend or neighbor away from work puts your personal assets at risk.

By putting an insurance policy in place you ensure the long term health of your business. You are able to focus on what really matters instead of dealing with paper work or worrying about what may come next.