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Get the best affordable HVAC Business Insurance for business

Our HVAC Business Insurance is easy to customize to meet your business-specific requirements.

As the seasons change, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business becomes more important to your customers, and the work rolls in. Your company gets busier, your employees move faster, and as business increases, so does the risk of something going wrong. Purchase the right insurance for HVAC businesses to ensure your company’s success. The insurance will cover your business, operations, and employees.

Protect Your HVAC Business

Insure Your HVAC Business

Business owners would be remiss to operate without general and professional liability insurance. General liability–also known as a comprehensive commercial liability—protects your company from on-the-job injuries as well as any negligence claims a customer may file against you. When coupled with property insurance, you can also protect your equipment against possible property damages.

Your professional liability insurance covers claims made against individual employees and 1099 subcontractors. Your workers are considered the HVAC experts when installing, repairing, and maintaining climate control systems in a home or office building, and they are accountable for providing appropriate services and knowledgeable advice. Professional liability also covers any necessary legal defense costs against negligence claims.

Insure Your Operations

Have work, must travel? Then you must retain an auto insurance policy for your fleet. Anything can happen on the road, so covering your trucks with a commercial auto insurance policy is best. InsureYourCompany works with major insurance carriers so we can find comprehensive coverage at the best possible rates for your needs.

When your vehicles aren’t on the go, fidelity bonds and surety bonds can protect you against theft of equipment from your trucks or job site. These policies also protect your business in the event of employee theft or destruction of property while working in a home or office.

Insure Your Employees

All New Jersey businesses must carry workers compensation insurance. Especially important in companies that provide manual labor services as your HVAC business, your workers are at risk to sustain injuries while on the job. Workers comp programs allow your employees to get the compensation they need if their injuries require treatment and time out of work.  They also protect your company from directly paying potentially high injury costs.

InsureYourCompany also offers reasonable and comprehensive group health insurance policies.


General liability insurance is essential for HVAC businesses as it covers injuries and negligence claims that may occur on the job. This coverage protects against the high costs of legal claims and damages, ensuring your business can continue operations even when facing potential lawsuits.

Professional liability insurance protects HVAC professionals against claims related to the services they provide. It covers legal defense costs if a client alleges that work was improperly done or if there was a failure to perform duties as expected, which is crucial for maintaining your professional reputation and financial stability.

Commercial auto insurance is vital for HVAC businesses with fleets, as it covers vehicles and drivers in the event of accidents or damage. This insurance is particularly important because HVAC work often involves extensive travel to and from job sites, increasing the risk of vehicular incidents.