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group disability

It’s important to protect your employees’ income and your business’s profits from the financial setbacks of a disability. Nearly half of the one million Americans who filed for bankruptcy protection in 2000 did so after being sidelined by an unexpected illness or injury.

When your employees experience a disability like surgery, having a baby, or illness, they and you want prompt, uncomplicated assistance throughout their time away from work. Disability insurance helps you manage your expenses without relying solely on your savings

Short Term Disability

Once a claim is approved the insurance provides you with a check that pays a portion of your income. Short-term disability benefits can last for 13 weeks up to 26 weeks

Long Term Disability

If a serious illness or injury keeps you out of work for few months or more, long term disability is able to provide benefits or an extended period of time up to the maximum period allowed by your plan.

Your plan costs depend on your age, weekly earnings, and other factors. Consider how a short-term or long-term disability plan meets both your needs and your budget. Disability insurance can help you stay on track so absence from work doesn’t cause long-term effects on your finances.
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