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If you rent an apartment, condo or house, you need renters insurance. specializes in insuring all of the places you call home.  Renters have a specific set of needs when it comes to insuring their property, as they don’t own the place they’re living in.  Renters need to protect their belongings inside the building as well as themselves from any liability claims. If you would like to see what options are available, contact us today.  Our process is simple so don’t delay.

Renters insurance can protect your belongings from fire, burst pipes, and other unexpected events.  Depending on the coverage you choose, you can cover the full cost to repair or replace your items.  Renters insurance is especially important as you are only looking for coverage for your personal property. Landlords and owners are responsible for insuring the building and property around you but what about your possessions?  What is protecting your personal property?

Don’t underestimate the value of your belongings and the potential cost to replace them. Furniture, electronics, clothing, etc, need to be protected so you can rent without worry.

Why should you buy renters insurance?

  • It’s really inexpensive!
  • Protects your belongings
  • Personal liability coverage

Renters experience higher rates of theft and burglary than homeowners (US Bureau of Justice, 2005 Survey). Three out of four renters do not protect their possessions or personal interests with renters insurance.  Don’t be a renter with our renter’s insurance.  For a few dollars a month, you can protect everything you worked hard for.  Get your peace of mind today and request a quote from