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Vending Machine Operations

Welcome, vending machine operators!

Protect your business with the right insurance products from knowledgeable agents who care at

We bring the same type of convenience to you as you do to your customers.  We can assess the coverage you need and work towards the price you want, protecting your dream every step of the way. Along with the standard insurance coverages you will see below, we know that vending machine businesses have their own unique set of circumstances that you will want coverage for.

Because vending machines are an expensive investment, you will want to protect them from fire, theft, vandalism, wind, and other perils.  If you are thinking about starting a vending machine business and need insurance or you already have it but want a free review, let assess your needs and show you the right way to protect your business today.

Common situations that occur in the vending machine industry:

  1. The building owner or property manager is requiring you to have liability insurance before you can place a machine on their property.
  2. Business personal property/inventory on-premises (at your business address) and coverage for the same off-premises (at each location that you have placed a machine)
  3. Business income and extra expense coverage on-premises and off-premises (if there is a power outage that affects multiple locations and the food in the machine(s) go bad, do you have coverage for that?)

Data breach for credit card processing At, you’re more than just a person that sells snacks. You’re a business owner with an investment that you want kept safe. Check out the coverages we offer below and call us today to find out more about what you can do to protect your dream and your vending machine business today.