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As a small business owner, you know the importance of adequate insurance for keeping everything moving smoothly. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get lax with your insurance policy, assuming that you’re fully covered when, in fact, you no longer have the right type of coverage for your business.

As your business changes, so will your insurance needs. It’s important that you know when to make those important calls.

Is it time for you to contact your insurance agent for a business insurance checkup? These key signs will let you know whether or not you’re in need of a review.

Sign #1: You’ve recently purchased new equipment or vehicles.

If you’ve recently increased the amount of equipment you have on hand at your business, it’s important to have adequate insurance coverage for each of them. Equally important is commercial auto coverage that will take care of all of your company vehicles. Make certain that the coverage amount of your insurance policies will allow you to repair or replace those pieces of equipment in case of disaster.

Sign #2: You’ve added several employees since your last insurance checkup.

Your business is growing, and you’ve added employees to help cope with the increased workload. Along with those extra employees, however, come increased insurance needs. Make sure that your policy is designed to cover all of your workers, whether they’re injured on the job or have done something that could cause trouble with a customer.

Sign #3: Your Revenue has increased substantially.

Even if you aren’t in need of more employees, you’ve suddenly found yourself making a great deal more money than before—or perhaps your revenue stream hasn’t changed substantially, but your reach has expanded so that you’re able to reach customers in a wider radius. Take a look at your insurance coverage to make sure that it’s adequate to covering the increased inventory that you’re moving in and out of your building.

This is particularly important if you’ve increased the amount of product that can be found in your inventory at any given time, since that would be the amount in need of replacement following an emergency.

Sign #4: You’re offering new services.

Are you and the members of your staff covered by insurance for the services that you’re offering your customers? If the services you offer have changed since your last business insurance checkup, it’s time to sit down with an agent and make sure that you have adequate coverage. On the other hand, if you’ve reduced the services you’re offering, make sure that you have a chance to sit down with your agent, as your coverage needs may change as a result.

Sign #5: You’re selling new products.

Along with new products comes a new insurance responsibility. Make sure that you’re covered on the products that are moving through your business so that if disaster strikes, you’ll be covered for those items. This is particularly important if your latest inventory includes items that are more expensive or more difficult to replace than items you carried previously.

Where to Go for Your Insurance Checkup

If you’re in need of an insurance checkup, whether you recognize these five key signs or you simply want to evaluate the insurance coverage you have for your business, it’s time to sit down with an agent. A qualified agent will let you know exactly what type of coverage you need for your business, including evaluating your existing policy to make sure that you’re covered and sitting down with you to discuss how the needs of your business have changed.

Are you ready to work with an insurance agent who will make sure your business is fully covered? If so, contact us today. We’ll work with you to make sure that your business has exactly the coverage it needs.