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5. Package your benefits. Some insurance carriers provide discounts if you purchase multiple types of insurance from them.

4. Check out alternative methods of funding your insurance. Self insurance is popular in the middle to large group market, but now some carriers are offering self insurance for small groups.

3. Explore plans with higher deductibles and co-pays. The higher the deductible and co-pay are, the lower your premiums will be. This will increase out of pocket expenses, but for some groups with low utilization; this may be a good alternative.

2. A mini-medical plan with high deductibles and limited benefits may be a wise choice for young workers who don’t need a richer benefit plan.

1. Purchase consumer directed healthcare plans such as HRAs or HSAs. Many of the HSA plans for example, have come down in price making them an excellent way to save money for medical expenses while having lower premiums.