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Today is Collector Car Appreciation Day! Are you TIRED of new cars constantly coming out, with no appreciation for the classic cars of the good old days? Well, I find it EXHAUST-ing. Give me a BRAKE, right? Aside from my cheesy puns, collector cars are no joke. Here are a few tips for anyone looking to buy a classic car!

Follow your Bliss:

Jay Leno, a car enthusiast, comedian and star of the show, “Jay Leno’s Garage” is quoted as saying: “If you have a car that you think is just beautiful and you enjoy washing and polishing it, and it’s fun to drive and it’s technically interesting, then it’ll probably go up in value,” He also says that “If you’re just trying to buy cars for investment purposes, you’ll always be disappointed because you’ll never make enough money[…]But if you buy something that you like, if it goes down in value, then at least you still like it.”

Vintage Finds:

Kim and Mitch McCullough are rare and vintage car enthusiasts. They not only collect obscure cars but they have accumulated lots of catalogs and books along the way, as well as posters, models, and marketing materials that they have on display. “All of these things add to your understanding of the cars,” says Mitch.

Do your homework:

Jeff Allen of the car-flipping TV show, “The Car Chaser” recommends to research before buying any collector car! Though some classic cars were made before the advent of the internet, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your research by any means necessary. Use any search ENGINE you’d like, and find something you can AFFORD!