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In a world where everyone is almost always linked through some form of social media or electronic device, you may have found yourself wondering how we, as a society, maintain the intricate infrastructure that allows us to be constantly connected.

Who can we thank for the communications we can send by only a few effortless keystrokes or the answers we receive by asking a simple question to some powerful voice recognition software?

How did we go from the days of sending telegraphs to being able to tap a speed dial and suddenly not just speak to, but also see the person we are trying to communicate with?

We can thank the thousands of IT professionals who work diligently and, a lot of the time, thanklessly on the technology we use every day. Without their expertise pioneering the way for new developments, we would not enjoy the ease of communication we have today.

On the third Tuesday of every September, we celebrate National IT Professionals Day in honor of the men and women who dreamed up, developed, and then continued to maintain our everyday technology.

What is an IT professional?

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You may be asking yourself, “What exactly is an IT professional?” An IT professional, in its simplest terms, is someone who obtains data and then develops it for use through multiple devices and systems, such as phones, desktop computers, laptops, cyber security systems, networks, and databases (as well as many other things).

Because of them, we have programs to make and receive phone calls, text messages, and emails. We can digitally write, draw, create spreadsheets, listen to music, and search the Internet. We can save, transfer, and delete data at the drop of a hat, and if a virus threatens the functionality of one of our devices, we have firewalls, security scans, and computer cleaning programs to protect the integrity of our hardware and systems.

The concept of being or becoming an IT professional may seem easy. We use our phones and laptops every day. How hard could it possibly be to create something new or fix something on devices that we spend sometimes our entire day staring at? The reality of an IT professional is much more complex than it may seem.

According to Merriam-Webster, a professional performs a job that “requires special education, training, or skill.” The job of an IT professional is demanding and involves a relentless revolving door of ever-changing knowledge, sharp attention to detail, and unwavering patience.

Why is an IT professional’s job worth a national holiday?

IT Professionals Day 2016

The men and women of the IT world are responsible for creating entire networks and programs from nothing. If those networks and programs crash or don’t function perfectly, they then have to go back over all of the code they have written meticulously to see where the error is. They may also be responsible for engineering the hardware used to run the programs being developed or connect to the networks being formed. Because of IT professionals, we can do our jobs with ease, speak to anyone, anytime, and have unlimited knowledge at our fingertips.

The field of information technology is growing bigger every day and expanding to encompass more and more professionals to meet the demands of our technology-driven society. We are proponents of the IT community and have been providing business insurance and guidance for over 15 years. We are able to support IT professionals across the United States by finding them fast and affordable insurance to help protect their business while they do their jobs and keep us all connected through the various types of technology we use every day.

So thank you to all of the IT professionals out there! Happy National IT Professionals Day!