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Summertime is a time for adventures, new experiences, and day trips to the waterside. Whether you’re inspired to learn a new skill or just lounge in the shade, staying satisfied with your work-life balance in the summer can be a challenge. When your inner self is longing for barbecues and adventure but your weekly workload stays the same, how can you ensure that you’re having a good time?

With a little forward planning, you can make sure you get enough play – and enough work – to make this summer a satisfying success.

Take Control of Your Schedule

First, take control of your schedule. You are the master of your own time, both on and off the clock. Jump out of that wintertime rut and realize that how you spend your time is up to you. Some job schedules are more flexible than others, and you may be able to arrange for time outdoors when you most want to enjoy the summer. But even if your work schedule is set in stone, you can still control how you get ready in the morning when you sleep, and the plans you make outside of work time.

Make Weekend Plans

Don’t let your weekends slip by in a haze. Summer weekends are a valuable resource, whether you’re longing to get out of the house or get some extra summer sleep. Make plans a week or more ahead of time for each of your summer weekends. You can book yourself a weekend class to try something new and meet new people or you can order supplies to the house for some fun summer handicrafts. Plan a camping trip, plan a day trip to the beach, lake, or pool, and make sure you enjoy every weekend you get this summer.

Find a Shady Outdoor Workspace

Longing for the outdoors when there’s work to do? You may be able to combine the two. Look for (or create!) a shady outdoor workspace. If necessary, run an extension cable to a power strip to charge your laptop and phone while you lounge under a tree or a shady awning. If you work at home, set up an “office” on the back patio. If you commute, check around for a shady balcony or a tree-shaded corner of the landscaping where you and a foldable deck chair can catch a few hours of relaxing work in the summer air.

Take Advantage of Your Employee Perks

What are your employee perks? Aside from health insurance and retirement contributions, there might be some gems in there that you haven’t been using. Does your workplace sponsor gym memberships or a recipe box delivery? Are there office building amenities you’ve never explored? Are there “healthy lifestyle” rewards you can claim for summer activities you were already doing?

There might be cool programs to join, classes to take, or programs you’ve never heard of – but would be cool to try – that is included as part of your total employee perks package. Why not enjoy these free perks this summer?

Request Summer Vacation Days Early

If you want vacation time this summer to travel, spend time with family, or just kick back at home – book it early. Request your days weeks or months in advance and, if your plans are flexible, be flexible with co-workers to make sure everyone gets the vacation days they need for summer plans. Most employers are cool about booking some summer vacation time, as long as the whole team doesn’t try to take the same days off at once and productivity can be coordinated around vacation days.

Take Time for Friends and Family

Make a special checklist of people you want to spend time with this summer. Summer break and the holidays are the two biggest times to reconnect with family, and summer is usually the best time to stay in touch with good friends outside the family circle. Make time, maybe schedule a few weekends, for the people most important in your life. You can also look up old friends and colleagues through social media to plan fun meetups throughout the summer and reconnect with cool people.

Make Your Evenings Count

Don’t forget the beauty of summer nights. During the summer, your day doesn’t have to end at sunset. Even on weekdays, you can enhance your enjoyment and work-life balance by embracing the nighttime. There’s something magical that happens on a summer evening when the sky darkens and the air cools to a comfortable warm night. Let yourself enjoy each evening. Take a sunset walk or share dinner with friends. Or just lounge on your deck and enjoy the sounds of summer creatures as the night settles in.

How can you enjoy every day of summer and maintain a healthy work-life balance? It’s easier than you think. With just a little planning, you can make sure you get to enjoy your summer and meet your work goals in a comfortable balance between relaxation, adventure, and well-rested productivity. Contact us today for more smart career insights and summer tips.



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