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Every weekday during quarantine, has provided a half hour long guided workout with trainer Melanie Levenson of Ignite Training LLC. Our employees are encouraged to take this class which is done virtually through a zoom conference. Here are a few words from Melanie Levenson of Ignite Training LLC:

Active aging adults make up a large part of our population today in 2020. There is a growing want/need for a fitness niche for these individuals. They come from all different fitness backgrounds ranging from little to no experience, to moderate activity levels. Some have pre-existing health concerns which makes it even more important to become actively healthy. Some just realize the importance of longevity. I designed this group fitness video series to target this much needed niche. With a folding chair, light weights, towel and countertop, I have made it simple to work out from home. No gym membership is necessary and there is no intimidating environment. Over the course of this series, I target total body movements meant to strengthen important areas of the body such as hips, glutes, shoulders, core, and back. As we progress, the movements become more advanced. All classes are a manageable 30 minutes and convenient for scheduling.

Here is a little sample of what our employees think of the training:

Really enjoy my workout with Mel… It changes my whole day for the better! I feel more relaxed and my back does not hurt. Always looking for something that can make a positive impact on my day and Mel’s class makes that happen. In our situation, I am appreciative that her class is in place.

-Babette Mallow

Melanie has been my trainer now for over a year, so while I was used to working out with her in person, I don’t feel like the quality of the workout has been compromised at all by now working out via Zoom call. Being able to log in any morning I want and workout with her has made keeping my routine during quarantine a lot easier and I still feel motivated. She keeps it diverse but easy to follow along with so it’s never boring.

-Emily Sperry

Mel’s classes are great!  She always explains what each exercise is targeting and what not to do. Each week we progressed further and built up to where we were doing some of the same moves in her higher intensity class at a slower pace. This was great as I didn’t feel as intimidated to do her regular class. These morning workouts kept me going and helped me through this tough time. I see a difference mentally and physically.

-Maryanne Pacifico

I love Mel’s class. It really challenges me and gives me a feeling of accomplishment after the class. Initially, I used to be tired but now I feel energized. She is an excellent coach. I would love to workout with her in future as well.

-Gauri Gupta