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How do you define success?

For some people, “success” means having a lot of money in the bank or obtaining certain material possessions. For others, it means being a part of something bigger than themselves. No matter how you define it, there is no denying that it’s something you need to work toward.

In 1925, Napoleon Hill published a series of 15 booklets called The Law of Success, based on interviews with some of the most successful individuals of the time, including Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell, J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and Thomas Edison (to name a few!). It was based on Carnegie’s belief that the formula for success could be broken down into a simple-to-follow set of “laws.” The booklets were published after 20 years of interviews and observations, and reprinted in 2010.

Inspired by these valuable lessons, our very own Alan Levenson has been using The Law of Success as a basis for helping small business owners find their path to success and growth. And now, we’re excited to be offering it as a video series here on this blog!

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