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If you are not enjoying what you do in your career, it will slowly seep into other aspects of your life and chips away at your psyche. If you are working too long of hours, feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, feel pressure to perform you will be climbing an exhausting uphill battle. When you are exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling pulled in a thousand directions at your job your work will suffer, causing you to have even more stress.

So, how do you make your current role go from something you aren’t enjoying into a role you do? You have to start off by changing your work attitude into a mindset of gratitude and look for parts of the role you love. You will see a spike in your energy, mindset, ability to take control of your workload and better overall performance. Stop yourself from merely going through the motions, take pride in what you are producing and ensure each thing you work on has your stamp of expertise all over it. Being able to take ownership of the tasks given to you and going above and beyond with them, will increase your value as an employee to the business. This in turn (over time) increases your job status and compensation.

Change your mindset and that will change your career projection.