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This is the pinnacle of the Laws of Success!

The Golden Rule is your standard for any and all human interaction. As you were growing up, I am sure time and time again you had your guardian constantly reminding you to “treat others how you want to be treated.” Well, this is actually the basis for The Golden Rule. In your career, whether you are in a senior role or just getting your start, you have to always ensure that you are giving your colleagues (and customers) the same courtesy and respect you would expect to be shown by others.

The Golden Rule means being genuine in your actions, not just doing something to be seen doing it. The true seeds of The Golden Rule and success come from being honest, trustworthy, generous, confidence, loyalty and self-confidence. Being able to embody all of these characteristics (or “seeds”) will enable you to truly be able to not just SAY, but also ACTION The Golden Rule.

The true measure of success is helping others.