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Over the last decade, mobile working has increased dramatically. There’s no doubt that the future economy will be built on a mobile paradigm.

Reduced running costs and increased productivity have been some of the reasons why major and small companies alike have embraced the idea of remote working. While the benefits of this approach are imminent, some challenges could adversely affect your business and the transition to mobile work if not handled promptly and effectively.

Retaining a Work, Life Balance 

Working in an office space gives you a definition of your work environment and distinguishes it from your home or extracurricular activities.

Without the office walls to create that work, life balance definition, you can easily overwork yourself and easily overshadow your social life.

More so, if you choose to work from home because it’s harder to transition from work to home when both aspects are under the same roof.

Interruptions and Underworking 

While getting rid of the office space might make it harder for some to unplug from work, the reverse is also true.

Mobile working often comes with plenty of distractions. The distractions can be pets inside the house, a neighbor stopping by, and even your own family.

You may not have to deal with co-workers, but in a mobile working model, the interruptions are amplified through numerous factors including the TV.

With full access to electronics and no one breathing down your neck to beat deadlines, getting yourself to start working is harder unless you are self-motivated. Without proper prioritization, you can underwork and miss vital deadlines.

Trust is a Primary Concern 

There is a substantial amount of trust often tied to having a physical address. Walking into offices to speak to management is an age-old practice that has created trust between customers and businesses.

Without a physical business address, it’s harder to convince clients of your credibility and reputation. The problem is amplified in larger corporations that have to deal with employee integrity as well. Your business needs to be sure it can trust its employees to remain diligent and trustworthy to the clients, even without supervision.

Over time, the yoke of distrust surrounding mobile work, particularly with clients may be broken and make it easier for mobile businesses to appeal and sign contracts even without physical establishment. Before that happens, you just have to work harder to impress and earn your clients’ trust.

Disconnection from Socialization 

There is a social connection associated with having to leave your home, meeting with other people on your way to work, and finally interacting with co-workers. In fact, your co-workers make a significant chunk of your social workers.

Remote working can compromise your social circles by isolating you from the outside world. Even with internet access and crucial tools like Social Media and Slack, you can still develop “Cabin fever” from being in the same place for a long time.

Prolonged isolation will affect your social skills because of reduced physical contact with other people. The problem gets worse if there’s no family or friends to spend some time with you.

Technology Problems and Hiccups 

An internet outage, hardware break downs, software crashing – there’s an endless list of things that can go wrong when you’re using technology.

For most mobile workers, fast and reliable internet is the biggest challenge. It helps to have a back-up plan, but sometimes, even the best technology can be unpredictable.

Bad Health Habits 

Most mobile work, especially knowledge-based, tends to be sedentary. It’s easy to slip into bad habits at a comfortable location away from the office without a proper schedule. Frequent snacking, ordering takeout, and lack of exercise are among the biggest challenges you’re likely to face.

Final Thoughts 

There’s no doubt that mobile working is an appealing alternative, especially to startups and small businesses. It significantly cuts back on capital requirements and overhead costs. However, it’s also vital to assess some of the predictable challenges and develop a plan on how to combat and overcome such challenges.

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