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Successful business owners know that they need to invest in adequate healthcare plans if they want to attract and retain hardworking employees. Even though the cost of such benefits continues to rise, an increasing number of employers are able to sign their employees up for health insurance. As reported by Margot Sanger-Katz for The New York Times, Walmart is one of the companies that recorded a significant increase in the number of insured workers:

Health Insurance

In an earnings call last week, Walmart announced that its workers were signing up for health insurance en masse. The news was bad for the company’s shareholders, since the added $500 million it will cost to cover them will eat into expected profits. But it also means that many more low-income families have health insurance now than did last year.

The change didn’t come because of a more generous company policy. Walmart has long offered health insurance to its full-time workers for relatively low premiums — about $18 every two weeks for its lowest-paid workers. It came because many more workers decided to take advantage of the offer.

It’s early yet to be sure of a strong trend, but the Walmart experience mirrors evidence from early polls and the historical experience of Massachusetts … More people may be signing up for employer-based coverage than did before.

While big businesses like Walmart can easily cover the additional costs of employee insurance, many small ventures will find it difficult to follow suit as increased spending in healthcare can greatly affect their budget and affect outlays needed for expansion. For such a dilemma, smaller-scale organizations such as local businesses, startups, and growing enterprises can turn to trusted companies in their search for affordable small business health insurance in NJ.

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While healthcare is one of the top concerns among owners and their employees, business operators cannot disregard the fact that they also need to be adequately covered by insurance policies to protect their interests. Turning to a reputable insurance company can help them get the needed coverage for healthcare and other business concerns.

(Source: Why More, Not Fewer, People Might Start Getting Health Insurance Through Work, The New York Times, August 20, 2014)