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‘What Happens When…’ is a video series in which we’ll talk about the most common insurance scenarios and how to get the most out of your coverage! Watch the whole series and more videos about insurance on YouTube!

You might recall a popular pizza chain that had what they thought was a genius marketing campaign some years back. If your delivery didn’t arrive within 30 minutes, your pizza was free!

This gimmick was great for the customer, but not so great for the pizza chain when they realized that this hurried delivery expectation made their drivers drive recklessly. In the end, they were sued for $78 million as a result of an accident with a delivery driver—something they could have avoided without the gimmick.

For many small business owners, there are no speedy-delivery promises to worry about, but it’s not uncommon for employees to run errands and conduct business using their own vehicles. Without hired and non-owned auto insurance, the employer takes on a lot of risk. If one of those employees got into an accident on company time, everyone involved could get sued—even the employer.

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