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You probably feel like a hair salon or barbershop is one of the least likely businesses to need professional liability insurance. On the contrary, barbershops and hair salons are highly vulnerable and must be protected from lawsuits and claims. The following are five situations where professional liability insurance would come in handy for you if you own a barbershop or hair salon establishment.

1. A Slip-And-Fall Incident

Slip-and-fall incidents are highly common in places of business, and they can occur at any time. Such incidents happen when customers fall and hurt themselves because of slippery floor surfaces. Water, spilled drinks, hair chemicals, and other cleaning items can cause a slip-and-fall incident to occur. Your business is vulnerable because the customer can sue if he or she falls in your establishment. Liability insurance could cover the funds you may have to pay for compensatory and punitive damages.

2. A Bad Reaction to a Product

An allergic reaction is another situation that may bring you an ill fate if you don’t have insurance. Your choice of products may not work well with all of your clients. You may one day use something on a person that causes itching, redness, hair loss, or something worse. The client may choose to sue the manufacturer who created the product if he or she suffers financial loss because of the injury. Alternatively, that person may decide to sue you and your business.

3. A Hair Cutting Accident

You don’t ever want to think that a hair-cutting accident will happen, but it might. It would be best to prepare yourself in case the situation ever arises. You never know when you are going to help an antsy child or a distracted adult who moves at just the wrong time. As a professional, you are the first person who is going to have to take responsibility for the customer’s injury. An insurance policy can help you to pay the client’s medical bills. It can also help you pay for attorney fees and other expenses.

4. A Claim of Illegal Photo Use

You can also experience some odd claims, such as a claim for illegal photo use. For example, let’s say that you take pictures of your clients when you do their hair, and you put them on your Facebook page to show them what you can do. You might be vulnerable to a lawsuit or claim if you did not receive their permission to use the photo. You can also suffer if any person feels as though you presented him or her in a negative light. The insurance could help you deal with a situation like that if it were to arise.

5. A Harassment or Assault Situation

Another unforeseen situation that could come up in your business is harassment. Harassment can be sexual or non-sexual, and it might come from patrons who frequent your establishment or people who work for your establishment. There may be an incident where a disagreement turns into a brawl or fight, as well. All of those situations can shed a negative light on your business and put you in jeopardy of losing a lot of money if the court rules against you. It’s best to have personal liability insurance just in case one of these odd situations occur. You should always be three steps ahead when it comes to protecting your business.

Now you can clearly see some situations that may require professional liability insurance. Contact us and allow us to connect you with a policy that will ease your mind about suffering losses at your business. We’ve been helping business owners protect their assets for almost 20 years.