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Whenever Donelan Andrews, who calls herself a “nerd,” signs a contract, policy, or agreement, she makes sure that she reads and understands exactly what it is saying.

She knows that most people don’t bother. Even if they decide to read any of it, they rarely finish the entire contract, policy, or agreement. Most companies also know this. Because of it, one company based out of Florida decided to try something different.

Andrews is also different and very meticulous, with everything that she does in life. She wants to make sure that she is protected in her life. This includes any time that she travels.

When she decided to go to London with six of her closest friends, it was no different. She decided to purchase travel insurance from Squaremouth, an insurance company based in Florida.

When reading the fine print, she noticed something different. Squaremouth had instructions for a contest deep within the insurance policy. In fact, they put these instructions in the fine print of all of their Tin Leg Travel Insurance, just to see who would read the whole thing.

The instructions read, “If you’ve read this far, then you are one of the very few Tin Leg customers to review all of their policy documentation.” It also included an email address, saying that the first person who actually read the whole contract and replied would win ten thousand dollars.

Andrews, a high school teacher, said that it reminded her of a trick that she used to use on her students. She would put a question in their exams telling them to skip the next question if they read it. When she saw it, she was intrigued.

Donelan Andrews was very lucky because the fact that she is so meticulous lead her to win ten thousand dollars!

When asked about the contest, Squaremouth wrote to explain it. They said that they know that most people don’t actually take the time to read the contracts or any documentation when they buy something. They also know how much of a mistake it can be. It is very important to read the whole thing before signing.

For this reason, they decided to start a campaign that they call Pays to Read. This top-secret campaign aims to inform their clients just how important it is to read the entire document before signing anything.

In their sixteen years, they have had many clients who haven’t read the entire documentation. When something goes wrong, they just assume that their insurance will cover it. However, each insurance policy is different, covering different things.

When an insurance company doesn’t cover something that went wrong, and a client’s claims are denied, they get angry. In fact, Squaremouth says that their client’s lack of understanding is the most common reason why claims get denied.

So, what is Andrews going to do with her money? She has decided to put it toward another trip. She is also going to continue to use Squaremouth for all of her travel insurance needs.

Besides giving Andrews ten thousand dollars, the company also gave ten thousand dollars towards a charity for literacy for children. Then, they gave five thousand dollars each to two different high schools, focusing on the importance of literacy.

For her next trip, Donelan Andrews plans to go to Scotland with her husband to celebrate her retirement and the couple’s thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. Her ten thousand dollars should cover most of the expenses. She also wants to let readers know that she will be purchasing travel insurance for this trip too!

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