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Congratulations to you/your child on all these new and exciting experiences coming up! Whether you are getting ready to take the big leap into the first semester of Lehigh University or considering off campus housing opportunities, the logistics for these types of moves can be tricky. As the parent of two girls who just finished college, one of the things that made their transition easier through all four years was knowing we had renter’s insurance to their personal items whether they were in a dorm or renting a house/apartment.

Why get a renter’s policy? Well, renter’s insurance will protect your student’s laptop, furniture, clothes, and other personal items from theft, fire, water damage, and other dangers. Did you also know that a parents’ homeowner’s policy might not extend properly to provide coverage for a student’s belongings away at school?

As an agent of, I can assist you (as the parent or as the student) with getting an affordable renter’s quote for as low as $12 a month! It’s easy to change addresses if they move to a new dorm or apartment and payment terms are flexible. What are you waiting for?

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