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Child Care Services

Your New Jersey child care business’s mission statement most likely includes providing a safe, fun and, developmentally beneficial environment for children. While this is certainly a critical factor, the possibility for minor to serious injuries to children can be actualized at any moment with devastating results. That’s where insurance for child care services comes in.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is strongly recommended for all childcare services. This policy can cover such accidents as well as emergency situations and incidents that arise with your property, such as power failures, unmaintained parking lots and grounds, the effects of a natural disaster on your facility, etc. assists child care businesses with their insurance needs, including:

Allowing kids to be kids is part of your job. Inherent in that is the possibility for children to fall down, run into tables, slip on playground equipment, tussle with one another, and a host of other occurrences. The resilience of children lets them bounce back from minor injuries, but not everyone is as lucky.

In the event of a serious injury, your child care service leaves itself open to lawsuits from parents and the responsibility to pay for massive medical expenses and punitive damages. Umbrella insurance for child care services should also be a consideration when crafting your insurance policy, as this program can reach far beyond basic liability coverage and protect your business when you need it most.

Valuing Your Employees

Let’s be honest: your child care business hinges on your employees. Parents feel comfortable bringing their children into your facility because of the teachers and aids you employ. offers several options for you to show your appreciation, including:

Your means of retaining your talented staff is ultimately up to your discretion, but can help you create various plans and policies to create a smart investment in your staff. We evaluate the insurance options available to you and the costs and present you with a plan tailored to your needs.