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COBRA Compliance

We recommend that our groups hire an outside administrator when it comes to COBRA compliance for small business. When you speak with one of our representatives, they will assist you in finding the COBRA administrator that fits your company’s needs and requirements. Adhering to Federal COBRA and state laws is a challenging task, and errors or omissions may result in fines, tax penalties, and lawsuits. Therefore, many employers are following the trend and are turning to professional administrators for their Federal COBRA continuation services.

When selecting an administration firm to handle your Federal COBRA compliance for small business, it is vitally important to understand exactly the breadth and depth of services provided. You will find the service of a Federal COBRA Outsourcing Company solves your administration headaches associated with these complex federal regulations.

These services offer employers complete administration and management services for benefits mandated under Federal COBRA laws. Having a COBRA administrator saves your organization time, money, in-house training, and potential costly errors.

Federal COBRA Administration Services include:

  • Transfer of liability from your organization
  • Full internet-based service capabilities through 24/7 secure online portal
  • Initial Notices
  • Qualifying Event notification to Qualified Beneficiaries and their Qualifying Dependents
  • Federal COBRA election processing
  • Federal COBRA payment invoicing and collection by issuing payment coupons to participants
  • Federal COBRA premium reimbursements to employers
  • Conversion & Termination Letters
  • Rate Change Notices & Open enrollment support
  • Standard monthly reporting for ARRA Subsidy premium reduction reimbursement
  • Handling of all employer and ex-employee questions related to Federal Cobra
  • Open enrollment communication