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Do you need Collector Car Insurance?

It can be difficult to find the right coverage for your collector car.   If you have a single classic or a prized collection InsureYourCompany will show you how to best protect your car.

Collector Cars need special insurance that takes in account the car’s age, rarity, value, unique features, limited use and limited availability of parts and service.  These cars are different than a daily use car and need insurance to be different as well. We lay all the options out so you can get exactly what you need at the price you want putting you in the driver seat keeping your passion for classic cars alive.

Types of cars and vehicles that we can quote for insurance:

Muscle Cars, Classic cars, antiques, exotics, street rods, customs, Kit Cars, Cobra Replicas, Race Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Military Vehicles, Tractors, Fire Engines, Restorations in process.

Why is it different to insure a collector car?

Your collector car is an investment not only in the physical car but an investment in time and effort.  Rebuilding, restoring or bought at auction these cars tend to be of higher value than cars you can buy of a lot.  Collector car insurance policies know what it means to take care of specialty cars and creates coverage for those special needs.  Such as hard to find spare parts, expensive paint jobs, custom interior or exterior work and other coverage parts unique to collector cars.

Be sure to look for these features to get the most out of your collector car insurance.

  • Nationwide Roadside assistance
  • Foreign Transport Coverage
  • Full Safety Glass Coverage
  • Special comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Broad usage allowance
  • Mileage plans that include unlimited miles
  • Deductible options
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Classic car parts and equipment coverage