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Condo Insurance

You finally own the condominium of your dreams. Now it’s time to think about a condo insurance policy.  If you are relying on your association to protect your personal property, think again.  While the association has a homeowners association policy, it does not address the specific needs of the interior of your unit or your personal property. provides world-class customer service and real, professional guidance right at your fingertips.  If you’re looking for a quote, we have a fast and easy process that you can start right now (link to quote form).

Whether you’re shopping for better coverage options, a lower price or you’re curious about a specific carrier, we create the easiest, most comprehensive insurance-buying experience.

Why buy condo insurance?

  • Customized for a condo owner’s specific needs
  • Protects your unit from a loss
  • Covers liability exposure from owning a home
  • Covers your personal belongings not covered by the association’s insurance
  • Provides coverage if you end up displaced due to a claim
  • Coverage for outside property that you are responsible for

Did you know that as a condo unit owner, you’re responsible for more than just your unit? While condo insurance protects the unit you purchase and your personal property, it also provides coverage for something called loss assessment. Sometimes, a particularly large claim can exceed a homeowners association’s master policy, which covers the buildings themselves. When this happens, the homeowners association will turn to the unit owners for help repairing the buildings and common areas. Luckily, there is coverage in most condo policies for this called loss assessment.  In the event of a covered claim, your condo insurance will also cover your condo, your personal property, appliances, fixtures, and interior alterations/improvements, and any potential liability claims you may be responsible for by your association.

Condo insurance, like homeowners insurance, will also let you add specific high-value items to be covered, such as computer equipment, jewelry, fine art, musical instruments, and so on. Be sure to add additional coverage that addresses these issues.  Speaking with one of our agents can help you assess what needs to be protected.