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Fitness Professionals

The fitness and wellness industry is one of the most helpful and fulfilling career choices. If you are a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Pound Fit, acrobatic, cardio kickboxing, dance, spinning or strength instructor, you get to interact with people every day. Helping your clients meet their goals is what you should be thinking about, not what happens if something goes wrong.

That’s where fitness professional insurance comes in.

While working with people all day is very rewarding, there is a chance that a person can be injured or property can be damaged. And who is responsible to pay? You are! Without insurance for fitness professionals, your business you can suffer a great loss.


How can you protect your business?

General Liability Insurance can help protect your business from:

Set yourself up to win! Getting and maintaining an active policy is the only to protect your business. With active insurance you can move your business forward and grow without worry form outside factors. Once you know your business is protected, helping people is all you need to worry about.

Other policies that can protect your business include:

Umbrella Liability

Workers Compensation

With our free assessment of your business, you can find low-cost options to help protect you and your business to make sure that you can focus on what’s really important: Your client’s success!