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Health Care Staffing

Providing quality healthcare staffing services to clients is your top priority. You want to match the right skills to the right needs in order to deliver effective care and assistance. But before you can begin helping the ailing, you need the right legal protections in place for the day something goes awry. That’s where comes in. We handle business insurance for healthcare staffing agencies in order to help make the process quick and painless.

General Liability Insurance

Whether your medical care workers end up working in a hospital or doctor’s office or delivering at-home care to patients, general liability insurance is a must. This insurance plan protects your agency from damaging property at the workplace or sustaining injuries at the place of service. General liability insurance also protects your business in case one of your client files a false claim against the agency and/or its workers.

Professional Liability Insurance

Hand-in-hand with general liability, professional liability insurance protects healthcare professionals from patient claims of negligence or malpractice, and protects your business from lawsuits filed against a staffed employee. This type of insurance is especially critical for anyone in the healthcare industry, as such claims against professional competence are not uncommon.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

On-the-job injuries can happen at any time, and working in the presence of medical devices and chemicals make for potentially serious accidents. Workers’ compensation insurance protects employees by guaranteeing financial benefits for a set duration for qualified injuries sustained while working. New Jersey requires most employers to carry workers’ comp insurance, but it is also a good idea for those outside New Jersey’s business requirements.

Fidelity Bonds

Your staffing agency puts workers in several other workplaces, such as hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices and patients’ homes. If for any reason an employee is accused of stealing from the workplace, the staffing agency is just as responsible as the employee for such actions. Fidelity bonds protect your business against the costs of theft and subsequent legal action. provides individual, scheduled and blanket bonds.

Health and Life Insurance

In a work environment where the employee is by nature exposed to illness, providing affordable and reasonable health and life insurance is a consideration for all New Jersey healthcare staffers. can help you choose the best plans for full or partial health insurance, disability insurance and life insurance.