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payroll service provider has a strategic alliance agreement with Ceridian, a leading payroll and human resources service providers. Through our partnership, offers discounted payroll services for small businesses that purchase payroll services and business insurance.

Our payroll service benefits and Ceridian offers a turnkey payroll management service so you are free to focus on more important things like running your day to day operations, managing your employees, growing your business.
We know the headaches that come with pay day! payroll management solutions can help

We know that every business is different and there is no one-size-fits all payroll solution. We offer a variety of payroll management services that are flexible, comprehensive and reliable. You can be confident that your business and employee data is safe and secure with and Ceridian.

With our fully outsourced solution, we will take your final processed payroll file and print all checks and deposit slips for you. We’ll distribute checks to specific locations you specify or use our direct deposit service to give your employees the utmost convenience of having their salary deposited directly into their bank account. Your employees are paid on time every pay period and you don’t have to worry about it.

Payroll and your Workers Compensation Insurance Payments

One of the major benefits of our payroll services is that Technology Insurance Associates / CG Benefits Group can incorporate your payroll service with your workers compensation insurance. This allows you to pay your workers compensation premiums with your payroll which eliminates audit invoices for your business.

Combining our workers compensation solutions with our payroll service is extremely valuable for your business.

Contact us today for a payroll service and workers compensation quote. Or, request more information from your Ceridian Sales Representative.