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Society will only continue to utilize the Internet more to communicate, shop, access financial accounts, and generally share more personal information. So, as you could expect, web designer and technology jobs have been two of the fastest growing industries around the world. has been providing insurance for web designers and technology companies since its inception.

The legal liability risk incurred by web developers continues to evolve and become more complex. Web developer insurance coverage must be based on an assessment of all the risk and exposures incurred within the business. A web designer building a B2B website will have different insurance needs than one programming a secure, password protected website for a financial institution.



Lawsuits can be filed for a number of reasons. Many lawsuits result in alleged errors or omissions on the part of the web development company. Here are some professional liability insurance claims we’ve seen over the years:


What kind of insurance does a web designer need?

Like all businesses, web development companies and web designers need the standard coverage: general liability, workers compensation, and health insurance. Property insurance for web designers protects against loss to computer equipment and office furniture is recommended. When considering a website designer insurance program, ask yourself these questions:

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